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Talking to Mormons is a source for anyone wanting to learn more about Mormonism and Christianity.

Why isn’t the age of eight, mentioned in the Book of Mormon as a minimum age for baptizing children? Why would Nephite Christians in AD 400 be worshipping in Jewish synagogues? How did Mormon quote the apostle Paul when they lived on opposite sides of the world?

Danny's story

Danny use to be a Mormon High Priest, and had the responsibility to instruct and prepare young men and women for their future missions.  He served a full-time Mormon mission as a young adult. At the time he truly believed that the LDS Church was the true church.

Having been an active Mormon for sixty years, Danny is fully aware of the heart and mind of those who are convinced the gospel of Joseph Smith is true.  Fortunately through scripture study, prayer, and the Holy Spirit, God opened his eyes and understanding, and brought him into a loving, saving, relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

Danny now receive inquiries from Christians around the world who request information about the methods and teachings of these Mormon missionaries.  He also talks to Mormons, who themselves are looking for answers to questions and concerns about their LDS doctrines and practices.  Many Mormons would identify themselves as Christians, but don’t really understand the difference.

It is because the demand for this information is so great, Danny decided to initiate a project never before attempted in this format; entitled – Talking To Mormons. 

What does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Teach?


"It originated from an experience I had a couple of years go, when two Mormon missionaries paid a visit to my home. They came with the intention of encouraging me to return to activity in the LDS Church. As I turned their attention to the Bible for the reasons I found Mormonism to be different from the gospel of Jesus Christ, they were amazed at what they read and learned. Within the same week they returned to my home unannounced to ask me to teach them more. I was spiritually touched and overwhelmed by the honesty and humility they showed in their sincere desire to know truth. It made me realize that these respectful and open conversations between Christians and Mormons are quite possible."

Matthew 6-7 – Come Follow Me
It’s difficult to keep our good deed a complete secret. Our pride seeks some acknowledgement. All recognition and praise should go to God.
2 Nephi 26-30
Why would a book claiming to be scripture want to be associated with having a “familiar spirit”???? Is Jesus Christ – Eternal God???? How reliable is the Bible? Why was the word “white” changed to “pure” in referencing the righteous Lamanites???? We will answer these questions and more in this lesson.
1 Nephi 1-7
Why was the Book of Mormon written in Elizabethan, King James English? Have you ever wondered – How did so many New Testament phrases get into the Old Testament era of the Book of Mormon?
Book of Abraham – Part 1
Have you ever prayed to know if the Book of Abraham is true? Does the promise in the Book of Mormon – to pray and ask God if it is true – doesn’t apply to the Book of Abraham? How can you trust that the Book of Abraham is the word of God?
False Prophecies of Joseph Smith – David W. Patten’s Mission
As a “Prophet of God” Joseph Smith’s prophecies repeatedly failed. Why did David Patten die before he fulfilled his mission.
Mosiah 11-17
How are the trials of Abinadi and Jesus similar? Does anyone know what ziff is? How did italicized words from the King James Bible get into the Book of Mormon? Does the Book of Mormon teach the Father, Son, and Spirit are One God? Did every prophet since the world began prophesy of the coming Messiah? Does the Book of Mormon support the LDS teaching that you can repent and accept the gospel after death? Is there a divine dating service in heaven?
Alma 39-42
Did the atonement of Christ apply to inhabitants of other worlds? Is there or is there not forgiveness for murder? Is fornication a crime? Did God himself, atone for our sins? Does missionary work continue in the Spirit World?
1 Nephi 16-22
Is there archaeological evidence in the Arabian region that supports the Book of Mormon narrative? Is the place called Nahom exclusive to the Book of Mormon or is it derived from a Biblical source?