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The name Lucifer in the book of Mormon Come Follow Me

2 Nephi 11-25

Is Christ – God, The Eternal Father❓ Do we worship Jesus❓ How did the name Lucifer get into the Bible – and, how did it end up in the Book of Mormon❓ Why is the definition of grace in the Book of Mormon – so different from the definition of grace in the Bible❓ We will discover the answer to these questions today.

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To the Promised Land - 1 Nephi 16-22

1 Nephi 16-22

Is there archaeological evidence in the Arabian region that supports the Book of Mormon narrative? Is the place called Nahom exclusive to the Book of Mormon or is it derived from a Biblical source?

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1 Nephi 8-10 - Come Follow Me Podcast

1 Nephi 8-10

Could a dream Joseph Smith, Sr. often told to his family when Joseph Smith Jr. was a boy – make it into the Book of Mormon? It seems more than coincidental that Lehi’s dream had similar components and, a parallel story line.

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Compaing the Book of Mormon with the Bible

1 Nephi 1-7

Why was the Book of Mormon written in Elizabethan, King James English? Have you ever wondered – How did so many New Testament phrases get into the Old Testament era of the Book of Mormon?

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Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon – Part 2

President Russell M. Nelson asks three important questions concerning the Book of Mormon: “First, what would your life be like without the Book of Mormon? Second, what would you not know? And third, what would you not have?” Well, let’s see if we can find the answers to those questions.

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