2020 Schedule

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This Weeks Lesson

Why isn’t the age of eight, mentioned in the Book of Mormon as a minimum age for baptizing children? Why would Nephite Christians in AD 400 be worshipping in Jewish synagogues? How did Mormon quote the apostle Paul when they lived on opposite sides of the world?
Nov 30 – Dec 6
Did Moroni travel all the way to Utah just to dedicate a piece of land for a temple site? What is the correct meaning and function of the terms “elders” “priests” and “teachers”? Why was wine changed to water in the sacramental prayers? And why isn’t un-leaven bread used for the sacrament in the LDS Church? Did the ancient church keep membership records of those who were baptized?
Nov 16-22
Does Moroni have good reason to be worried that the Gentiles would mock his written words? Where in America will the New Jerusalem be built? If two million Jaredites died in battle at hill Ramah – located in New York State – why hasn’t there been any artifacts like weapons, armor, or skeleton remains found? Once a man’s head is decapitated, can he still breathe?
Nov 16-22
Is it possible to travel in primitive submarines for nearly a year without replenishing food for the occupants and their animals? Did horses, sheep, oxen, and elephants exist in the Western Hemisphere in pre-Columbian times? Is it anachronistic to claim the Jaredites made steel swords in 2000 BC? How are secret combinations tied to the anti-masonic movement in the early 1800s?
Nov 9-15
Who is Mahonri Moriancumer? What does the made-up word “deseret” mean? How is it possible that there was transparent glass in 2200 BC, when transparent glass had not been invented for thousands of years later? Did the Lord make it clear to the brother of Jared that He was both the Father and the Son?
Nov 2-8
Moroni has, to finish his father’s record, since Mormon has died. Moroni teaches that God is unchangeable and is the same yesterday, today, and forever – but Joseph Smith strongly disagrees. Who will judge us at the last day? Will it be a hierarchy of judges, or only Jesus Christ? What happens to those who criticize the Book of Mormon?
Oct 26 – Nov 1
What are the striking similarities in the lives of Mormon and Joseph Smith, Jr.? Is it reasonable that the Nephites would choose an inexperienced 16 year-old to lead their entire army? Could the Book of Mormon be considered racist Scripture?
Oct 19-25
What does it mean to be “twinkled?” If, the Three Nephite Disciples were left on earth to bring many souls to Jesus, how can the LDS Church claim there was a complete apostasy? Why did Jesus make such a big deal about the name of His church? Why does Jesus prefer fair and delightsome people over those of a darker skin color?
Oct 12-18
How is the coming forth of the Book of Mormon a major sign that the gathering of Israel in the last days is about to begin? Will the New Jerusalem be built in Independence Missouri? Who currently owns the lot upon which the Mormon temple in Missouri will be built? Is baptism necessary for salvation? Why does the Book of Mormon quoting Malachi have the same italicized words from the King James Bible?
Sep 28 – Oct 11
What is the significance in Jesus and His Twelve Disciples turning whiter than white? Jesus allowed the people of Nephi to both worship and pray to Him. Are Latter-day Saints encouraged to do that today? Why is Jesus healing those with leprosy an anachronism? What does it mean to take the sacrament unworthily?
Sep 21-27
How are the Sermon at the Temple similar and different from the Sermon on the Mount? Were the Twelve Disciples also Apostles? What did Jesus mean, when He commanded the people of Nephi to be perfect? How can we tell the difference between a false prophet and a true prophet?
Sep 14-20
Jesus took credit for destroying at least 16 cities and their inhabitants. Why do we not read about that level of destruction in Judea? Why would Jesus use Greek letters or words like “Alpha and Omega” when speaking to a Hebrew Nephite-Lamanite audience? How was it that the Lamanites were baptized with fire and the Holy Ghost, and did not realize it? Is it appropriate to worship Jesus Christ? How many hours would it take for 2,500 people to individually touch and examine the Savior’s wounds?
Sep 7-13
What does Jesus mean when He calls Himself both the Father and the Son? Did the Book of Mormon have one calendar system or three calendar systems? Is it realistic that dark skinned Lamanites turned white almost immediately? Why does the Book of Mormon use anachronistic terms like “horses” and “chariots?”
Aug 31 – Sep 6
How are slippery treasures in the Book of Mormon related to slippery treasures of Joseph Smith’s day? How were the signs of Jesus’ birth and death that Samuel prophesied, different from the New Testament accounts? How was it that the Nephites could not kill Samuel with their arrows as he stood upon the city wall?
Aug 24-30
How is Nephi’s praying vocally from a garden tower by a public highway different from the Zoramites praying from their Rameumptom? Did Nephi quote the Joseph Smith Translation when speaking about Moses parting the Red Sea? What is the true meaning of “sealing powers?”
Aug 17-23
How are Nephi and Lehi’s experience in prison similar to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego of the Old Testament? Who was the most notorious Book of Mormon leader of a band of robbers and murderers? The Book of Mormon is proof that the prosperity gospel does not work. What do secret signs and secret words in the Book of Mormon have to do with the modern temple endowment?
Aug 10-16
What was the greatest fighting force in Nephite history? What role did their mother’s play in preparing them to be soldiers? Are the native inhabitants of Polynesia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands descendants of Nephite peoples?
Aug 3-9
What was written on the “Title of Liberty” flag? Who in the Nephite record does Mormon admire enough to name his own son after? Did Native Americans learn to scalp their enemies from their Book of Mormon ancestors? Who was determined to drink Captain Moroni’s blood?
Jul 27 – Aug 2
Did the atonement of Christ apply to inhabitants of other worlds? Is there or is there not forgiveness for murder? Is fornication a crime? Did God himself, atone for our sins? Does missionary work continue in the Spirit World?

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