Kinderhook Plates – Part 2

Following the discovery of the six Kinderhook plates in 1843 that supposedly had ancient writing on them, what ever became of those plates?

Book of Abraham – Part 4

The Book of Abraham is perhaps the biggest reason church members are leaving Mormonism.
The reason is because there is plenty of evidence to show this LDS Scripture is fraudulent.

Book of Abraham – Part 3

The original claim that the Book of Abraham had been translated from ancient egyptian papyri scrolls has been proven false when it was clearly shown that the scrolls where funeral text. The Church allowed photographs of the papyrus to be published in the February 1968 edition of the Improvement Era magazine, along with an article […]

Book of Abraham – Part 1

Have you ever prayed to know if the Book of Abraham is true?
Does the promise in the Book of Mormon – to pray and ask God if it is true – doesn’t apply to the Book of Abraham?
How can you trust that the Book of Abraham is the word of God?