2 Nephi 26-30
Why would a book claiming to be scripture want to be associated with having a “familiar spirit”🤔 Is Jesus Christ – Eternal God🙋 How reliable is the Bible? Why was the word “white” changed to “pure” in referencing the righteous Lamanites🧐 We will answer these questions and more in this lesson.
2 Nephi 11-25
Is Christ – God, The Eternal Father❓ Do we worship Jesus❓ How did the name Lucifer get into the Bible – and, how did it end up in the Book of Mormon❓ Why is the definition of grace in the Book of Mormon – so different from the definition of grace in the Bible❓ We will discover the answer to these questions today.
2 Nephi 1-5
Is it possible that Joseph Smith wrote himself – by name – into both the Book of Mormon and the Bible? Were the Nephites a temple-building people? Is there racism taught and practiced in the Book of Mormon? We’ll answer these and more questions in this episode.
2 Nephi 6-10
According to the Book of Mormon, who is the keeper at Heaven’s gate – Peter, Christ, or Joseph Smith? Are there references in the Book of Mormon to masonic symbols used in LDS temple architecture? Is the term “Christ” mentioned in the Old Testament era of the Book of Mormon an anachronism? All these questions and more – answered in this episode.
1 Nephi 16-22
Is there archaeological evidence in the Arabian region that supports the Book of Mormon narrative? Is the place called Nahom exclusive to the Book of Mormon or is it derived from a Biblical source?
1 Nephi 11-15
Joseph Smith said: “the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth.” Yet, we are going to learn about some significant doctrinal changes that were made following the original 1830 edition.
1 Nephi 8-10
Could a dream Joseph Smith, Sr. often told to his family when Joseph Smith Jr. was a boy – make it into the Book of Mormon? It seems more than coincidental that Lehi’s dream had similar components and, a parallel story line.
1 Nephi 1-7
Why was the Book of Mormon written in Elizabethan, King James English? Have you ever wondered – How did so many New Testament phrases get into the Old Testament era of the Book of Mormon?
Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon – Part 2
President Russell M. Nelson asks three important questions concerning the Book of Mormon: “First, what would your life be like without the Book of Mormon? Second, what would you not know? And third, what would you not have?” Well, let’s see if we can find the answers to those questions.
Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon – Part 1
A review the Book of Mormon lessons as outlined in the church manual. In this podcast, we will examine the Book of Mormon verses that are unique to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and compare them to the Bible.
2 Peter
What does it mean to have your calling and election made sure? Does it mean – as Mormons teaches – that a person can enter exaltation as a God? Who are the false prophets spoken of in the last days?
1 Peter
What does it mean to be foreordained? What does it mean to be part of a royal priesthood, or a peculiar people?
Book of Mormon: Holy Ghost or Elevation Emotion? – Part 3
When you read the Book of Mormon is the “burning in the bosom” you feel the Holy Ghost or is it, what Psychologists define as Elevation Emotion? Elevation Emotion is a result of the hormone Oxytocin. We learn to discern the Holy Spirit from Elevation Emotion by not trusting our hearts, but by trusting in the Bible for truth
Is priesthood required to heal the sick? – James 3-5 – Come Follow Me
How important is our verbal communication with each other? James has a lot to say about that. How are the sick to be administered to? Is priesthood required to heal the sick and ill?
Faith without Works is Dead ~ James 1-2 ~ Come Follow Me Podcast
What is the meaning of “wisdom” as referenced in James 1:5? What is the meaning of the “Royal Law?” What does James mean when he says, “faith without works is dead?” Is there a conflict in what James teaches about works and, what Paul are teaches about faith?
Pre-Existence ~ Hebrews 9-13 – Come Follow Me Podcast
You’ve heard of the Hall of Fame – Well, today, we are going to learn about who is in the Hall of Faith. We are also going to look at the greatest definition of true faith. And, clear up the false teaching that God created us spiritually before He created our mortal bodies.
Who was Melchizedek? – Hebrews 7-8 ~ Come Follow Me Podcast
Who was Melchizedek? Was he a priesthood to be handed down and transferred to other men? How was Melchizedek (King of Salem) a representation of the coming Messiah? We are about to find our answers.
Holy Ghost or Elevation Emotion – Part 2
God’s truth is revealed in His Word to our mind, not through our subjective feelings. The heart is the seed of our emotions, and our feelings can fool us. We should ask for wisdom in understanding truth.
Hebrews 1-6 ~ Come Follow Me
If the scriptures teach that God spoke through His prophets in the past and has now spoken to us in these last days through His Son – Why do religious sects like Mormonism claim the need to have living prophets?
Holy Ghost or Elevation Emotion – Part 1 – Moroni 10:4
Is praying as explained in Moroni 10:4 to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not, the correct way for a person to know truth? Are we to rely upon our feelings and emotions to determine truth? Or, is the best approach to knowing if something is right, is to use the Bible as the standard of truth?
1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon
The word “inspiration” is from the Greek word meaning “God-breathed.” So, we know then, that the Bible originated from God.
1 & 2 Thessalonians
Both Paul and Jesus prophesied that He, the Lord, would return soon – even within that generation. If that is true – why do most Christians and Mormons believe that event is yet to happen, now two thousand years later? Were Paul and Jesus mistaken or worse yet – were they purposely misleading the Thessalonians?
False Prophecies – Moon Men
“We will never get a man into space. This earth is man’s sphere and it was never intended that he should get away from it.” – Joseph Fielding Smith
Who was Zelph?
The story of Zelph – even though it’s outside the narrative of the Book of Mormon – comes from a tendency of Joseph Smith to make up revelation on the fly to suit his purposes and to bolster faith in his followers.
Does the apostle Paul and Alma in the Book of Mormon both agree that God is Spirit 😱 and invisible to mortal man❓ You might be surprised to find out the answer is – yes. And is Jesus Christ – God incarnate❓ Let’s study together.
Are we to work for our salvation❓ Or, are we to work out our salvation❓ What is the difference? Paul will explain that salvation comes by putting our faith in the Jesus Christ – who did the work for us.
Sustain or Blind Faith?
False Prophecies of Joseph Smith – Temple in Independence, MO.
There are many documented prophecies given by the prophet Joseph Smith that were never fulfilled.
Ephesians 2 – Part 2 – Obedience to the Laws and Ordinances or Grace?
The Apostle Paul taught that we are saved by grace – it is the gift of God not of works. Nephi taught that we are saved AFTER all we can do. Joseph Smith taught that we are saved by obedience to laws and ordinances. Either Paul was right, or Nephi and Joseph were right. Only the Bible makes the truth clear for us.
Women in the Bible vs the Book of Mormon – pt 2
Ephesians 3-6 – Part 3
Mormonism claims to have the same organization that existed in the early Christian church, which was necessary to bring all believers into a unity of the faith. But a close examination of the LDS church structure reveals that it is not the same organization as in Biblical times.
Ephesians 1 – Part 1 ➡️Predestination⬅️
When Paul writes in his letter to the Ephesians about predestination, what is he talking about? Who is he referring to? This teaching has been greatly misinterpreted by both Mormons and Calvinists. Let’s closely examine who Paul is describing in the beginning chapter of this amazing epistle.
Women in the Bible vs the Book of Mormon – pt 1
Of the numerous women mentioned in the Bible – 93 had speaking roles. The Kings James Version has little over 783,000 total words, and those spoken by these 93 women add up to a little over 14,000 words – which was about 1.8 percent of the entire Bible.
Galatians 4-6 – Part 2
Who are the true children of God? Are we born into this world as children of God? How do we become the seed of Abraham? What does it mean to receive the adoption of sons and daughters of God? These are important doctrinal concepts to understand and Paul attempts to clarify them for us in Galatians.
Galatians 1-3⚠️
Paul warned the Galatian saints about those who would corrupt or change the gospel of Jesus Christ by preaching another kind of gospel which included faith PLUS works to be justified before God. Can you think of any religious organization that teaches that today?
Stay in the Boat – Faith and Doubt – Part 2
❓What is the Difference Between LDS Faith and Biblical Faith❓
2 Corinthians 8-13 ~ Come Follow Me
if anyone – like missionaries come to your door with another gospel about a different kind of Jesus than what you know from the Bible – take the time to share with them the truth by correcting their false doctrines.
Stay in the Boat – Part 1
Many faithful Mormons are having concerns about the Church’s doctrines, policies, and history. What do you think the LDS leadership’s attitude are toward those doubting members?
2 Corinthians 1-7 ~ Come Follow Me
False Prophecies of Joseph Smith – David W. Patten’s Mission
As a “Prophet of God” Joseph Smith’s prophecies repeatedly failed. Why did David Patten die before he fulfilled his mission.
I Never Knew You – Part 2
Works based, Performance based religions emphasize man’s efforts for salvation. But Jesus says to believe on him that he has done the work for us.
1 Corinthians 14-16 ~ Come Follow Me
Does baptism for the dead have a basis in the Bible? Was this Mormon temple rite originally established by Jesus, and taught and practiced by His apostles?
1 Corinthians 8-13 ~ Come Follow Me
Apostle, the word, simply means a person sent – a messenger.
1 Corinthians 1-7 ~ Come Follow Me
I Never Knew You – Part 1
– If you have a modern-day apostle telling its members in a world-wide General Conference that the Bible is wrong and the Joseph Smith Translation is inspired – in spite of contradictory statements in the Book of Mormon – as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, what do you do with that information?
Romans 9-16
This is not a simple acknowledging that He is God. This is a deep personal conviction that Jesus is our Lord. It includes repenting, trusting, and submitting to Him as Lord.
Romans 7-8 – Come Follow Me
Romans 4-6 – Come Follow Me
Romans 1-3 – Come Follow Me
Acts 22-28 ~ Come Follow Me
Is there any comparison between Paul’s vision of Christ on the road to Damascus and Joseph Smith’s vision in the woods in New York?
Acts 16-21 ~ Come Follow Me
Does the New Testament teach that all human beings are literal “offspring” of Heavenly parents? Does God dwell in Mormon temples?
False Prophecies of Joseph Smith – Copyright©
If Joseph Smith’s revelations were proven false or fraudulent how can we possibly accept anything in the Book of Mormon or anything Smith ever said?
Acts 10-15 – Come Follow Me
Does the Bible prove there are anachronisms in the Book of Mormon? Acts 10 is another landmark chapter that brings in a very important part of Christian history – especially for the non-Jewish pagan Gentiles – the reception of the Good News.
Why I Left Mormonism – Part 2
“President Hinckley spoke of those outside the Church who say Latter-day Saints ‘do not believe in the traditional Christ,’ ‘No, I don’t. The traditional Christ of whom they speak is not the Christ of whom I speak.” Mormonism teaches that every human being is born a child of God. No one can attain this new birth by his or her own power, merit, or ability. Only God can grant it. It is a gift of God.
Acts 6-9 – Come Follow Me
Today, we are going to talk about three great witnesses of the resurrected Lord.
Acts 6-9 – Come Follow Me
Acts 1-5 – Come Follow Me
When were the “times of restitution of all things” accomplished? Was it fulfilled in Joseph Smith’s day or Jesus Christ’s?
Why I Left Mormonism – Part 1
I had returned from an LDS mission, got married in the temple, was very active in the Church, when I began to feel that something was missing in my spiritual walk. That something, I recognized was a greater relationship with my Savior. I decided one day to read the New Testament but this time with fresh eyes.
Kinderhook Plates – Part 2
Following the discovery of the six Kinderhook plates in 1843 that supposedly had ancient writing on them, what ever became of those plates?
Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20-21 – Come Follow Me
In this lesson – we will learn about the most important event in the history of mankind – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23 – Come Follow Me
Is everything that is necessary to restore you to God and give you eternal life with Him already been accomplished? Jesus said, “It is finished.” Do you believe that is done? Or, are you still DOING, DOING, DOING?
Kinderhook Plates – Part 1
Joseph Smith said, “I have translated a portion of them and find they contain the history of the person with whom they were found.” 13 yrs latter it was found that the plates were engraved by R. Wiley and B. Whitten to trick the public, and Joseph Smith fell for it.