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Resurrected Bodies

Thoughts on Resurrection

Will we have the same exact bodies in the resurrection? We have been conditioned to believe that we will have our same body in the resurrection. As Latter-day Saints, we learned this from the following Book of Mormon passage:

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Book of Mormon: Holy Ghost or Elevation Emotion? – Part 3

When you read the Book of Mormon is the “burning in the bosom” you feel the Holy Ghost or is it, what Psychologists define as Elevation Emotion? Elevation Emotion is a result of the hormone Oxytocin. We learn to discern the Holy Spirit from Elevation Emotion by not trusting our hearts, but by trusting in the Bible for truth

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Hebrews 1-6 ~ Come Follow Me

If the scriptures teach that God spoke through His prophets in the past and has now spoken to us in these last days through His Son – Why do religious sects like Mormonism claim the need to have living prophets?

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Holy Ghost or Elevation Emotion – Part 1 – Moroni 10:4

Is praying as explained in Moroni 10:4 to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not, the correct way for a person to know truth? Are we to rely upon our feelings and emotions to determine truth? Or, is the best approach to knowing if something is right, is to use the Bible as the standard of truth?

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Who was Zelph?

The story of Zelph – even though it’s outside the narrative of the Book of Mormon – comes from a tendency of Joseph Smith to make up revelation on the fly to suit his purposes and to bolster faith in his followers.

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Women in the Bible vs the Book of Mormon – pt 1

Of the numerous women mentioned in the Bible – 93 had speaking roles. The Kings James Version has little over 783,000 total words, and those spoken by these 93 women add up to a little over 14,000 words – which was about 1.8 percent of the entire Bible.

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The Moroni Challenge

Our heart, our feelings, our emotions can fool us into believing things that aren’t true or good for us.
Instead of the Bible telling us to pray about it – It teaches us to “search the Scriptures.”

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Mormonism vs. Book of Mormon

It all boils down to whether or, not the Book of Mormon really is – “The most correct book on earth.” If it is, then current Mormonism disagrees with its essential teachings.

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Did Joseph Smith Write Himself into Scripture?

Did Joseph Smith write himself into Mormon scripture in order to convince people he was a prophet?

It’s apparent that these scriptural passages came through one man. And it’s the same man who is the object of those prophecies – Joseph Smith.
Doesn’t that seem self-serving and arrogant of Joseph Smith to write himself into the narrative of what is called Mormon scripture?

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