Category: Historical Issues

Virgin Birth

If all humans, Mary included, are literally God’s spirit children, born in a preexistence via a sexual relationship between Heavenly Father and Mother in Heaven. If God physically impregnated Mary, then the Jesus of Mormonism was created through an incestuous relationship.

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Name of the Church – Part 2

Why would Jesus instruct Joseph Smith in 1830 to call it the “Church of Christ”, then change it in 1834 to the “Church of Latter Day Saints” and, then change once again in 1838? Why wouldn’t Jesus get it right the first time? Why would He take the name of Christ completely out of the name of the church for four whole years?

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Name of the Church – Part 1

it seems that it took a while for the Mormon Church to settle on an official title for its name. Did you know that it had a least three different names over an eight-year period?

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Joseph Smith Face in a Hat w Seer Stone

Seer Stone in the Hat

“Joseph Smith would put the seer stone into a hat, and put his face in the hat, drawing it closely around his face … A piece of something resembling parchment would appear… One character at a time would appear, …, then it would disappear, and another character with the interpretation would appear, Thus the Book of Mormons was translated by the gift and power of God, and not by any power of man.”

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