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Holy Ghost or Elevation Emotion – Part 1 – Moroni 10:4

Is praying as explained in Moroni 10:4 to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not, the correct way for a person to know truth? Are we to rely upon our feelings and emotions to determine truth? Or, is the best approach to knowing if something is right, is to use the Bible as the standard of truth?

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Stay in the Boat – Part 1

Many faithful Mormons are having concerns about the Church’s doctrines, policies, and history. What do you think the LDS leadership’s attitude are toward those doubting members?

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The Moroni Challenge

Our heart, our feelings, our emotions can fool us into believing things that aren’t true or good for us.
Instead of the Bible telling us to pray about it – It teaches us to “search the Scriptures.”

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Apostasy of the Church

Apostasy of Church and Scripture

Latter-day Saints believe the Apostles were killed and there was no one with authority capable of preserving the church. Therefore, they believe Jesus failed in His promise to preserve His church and His written word.

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Mormon Jesus vs Biblical Jesus

The True Jesus

Is there a difference between the Jesus of Mormonism and the Jesus of Biblical Christianity? Even the LDS leaders admit that the Mormon Jesus is a different Jesus than the Jesus of traditional Christianity. 

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Work for your salvation


What is the Mormon concept of salvation? Bruce R.McConkie said in his book “Mormon Doctrine”, “Unconditional or general salvation, that which comes by grace alone

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Baptism for the Dead – Part 1

Mormons believe that individuals who have died can hear and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ in the spirit world. And through proxy baptism performed for them in an LDS temple, they can attain eternal life in the presence of God.

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