Pre-Earth Life – Part 1


LDS Church Teaches:

LDS teach that every single human being that will ever live on this earth pre-existed in a spirit world prior to coming to this earth. 

LDS teach all things were created spiritually before they created physically. 
Moses 3:5

LDS teach that a veil of forgetfulness is placed over us, so that we can not remember our pre-mortal life with Heavenly Father. article

The Bible Teaches:

No one has ever seen God the Father.

Exodus 33:20;  John 1:18;  John 4:24;  John 5:37-38;  John 6:46;  1 Timothy 1:17;  Hebrews 11:27;  1 John 4:12

Only God (not man) pre-existed and came from heaven.

John 8:23;  John 3:12-1331-326:41

Physical creation precedes the spiritual.

Zechariah 12:1;  Malachi 2:10;  Acts 17:28-29;  1 Corinthians 15:46-49;  Hebrews 12:9

God’s foreknowledge of all things which has not yet happened and those who are not yet born.

Job 38:4-7;  Psalms 139:16;  Jeremiah 1:5;  Ephesians 1:4


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